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CRP's Staffing
Among CRP’s strengths are its multi-disciplinary and highly trained staff, augmented with content experts, which are of the highest caliber and represent a broad spectrum of expertise and capabilities. Staff and subject matter consultants offer clients expertise in an array of disciplines and policy foci, including behavioral health; children and families; elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education; health disparities; HIV/AIDS; maternal and child health; public health; psychology; public policy; sociology; special populations; statistics; and workforce development. Core competencies and capabilities of staff and content/subject matter experts include educational assessment/measurement, education policy and research, epidemiological research, health literacy, health services research, meeting logistics and management, policy assessment and analysis, program development and evaluation, psychometrics, quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, technical assistance and training, and technical writing (e.g., research/policy briefs, white papers, and reports).

CRP’s staff resources include researchers, program and statistical analysts, and logistics specialists.

Researchers – CRP’s highly-skilled researchers offer Federal agencies and other clients decades of substantive expertise in survey and evaluation research utilizing quantitative and qualitative approaches and methodological experience in the design and execution of large-and small-scale studies. CRP research scientists apply rigorous analytical methods in defining policy problems, elucidating theoretical constructs, evaluating program initiatives and their impacts, and studying the intended and unintended consequences of policy instruments and tools. The technical capabilities of CRP’s staff are supplemented by a cadre of subject matter experts, some of whom are nationally- and internationally-recognized in the fields of education and educational assessment as well as the health sciences. CRP staff, for example, has worked with a broad spectrum of expert consultants who have served as panel members and written reports, papers, and analyses in support of the U.S. Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) program priorities and operations. These content experts can be called on to address policy and research questions as well as substantive policy and methodological issues spanning NAEP activities. The work of CRP’s multidisciplinary research team has yielded insights, empirical data, and other timely evidence relevant and useful to decision-makers, program managers, and other stakeholders.

Program Analysts – Our program analysts work with senior researchers in all phases of project planning, implementation, and monitoring. These professionals assist in developing technical, resource, and programmatic requirements and prepare operational and change management analyses aligned with client requirements and systems. Program analysts conduct process and impact evaluations to inform client policy directions. Analysts also employ information technology capabilities and data analytics in support of project operations.

Statistic Analysts – CRP statistical analysts provide statistical leadership, guidance, and expertise to projects, primarily in the education and disciplines. Statistical analysts prepare statistical designs, methodologies, and analyses to answer research and policy questions for public and private sector clients, including Federal, state, and local government agencies, foundations, other nonprofit entities, school systems, and commercial organizations. Our statistical analysts offer expertise in a broad range of statistical techniques, procedures, and applications. These include stratified and multi-stage sampling; exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis; experimental and quasi-experimental research designs; multivariate modeling; analysis of variance and covariance; time series and power analysis; and statistical software systems, such as SPSS, SAS, Stata, Python, Minitab, and MPlus.

Logistics Staff – CRP’s senior meeting planners and logistics specialists offer clients a demonstrated track record in handling a comprehensive range of physical and virtual meeting needs, including expert panels, symposia, seminars, workshops, conferences, webcasts, and webinars. Since our inception, our logistics team has planned, coordinated, and managed more than several hundred meetings spanning all aspects of the meeting continuum, from pre-meeting and on-site support to post-meeting services. CRP’s meetings support and logistics staff function as your customer-focused, innovative, and creative partner, facilitator, and representative in ensuring positive outcomes for multiple and varied meeting formats.